Harness Wild Energy by Removing Obstacles

Wild energy often whips creative people around. So many artists and entrepreneurs I know find it difficult to harness that wild energy so they can move toward what they really want. Some of them can’t seem to move anywhere at all. Some of them know they have that energy yet they have no idea where they want to go.

I am going to suggest a couple of simple tools to help that energy work for you, to harness the wild energy and get it moving in the direction you want to go.

Create a Tolerating List

First, remove the obstacles that keep you from focusing on your creative project. You may not even be aware of the little (and big) things that hold you back by stealing your focus. You tolerate a lot, step around it, or make a mental note that you forget to read.

I want you to get rid of anything you are simply tolerating–even tiny, irritating, mind-sucking, pathetic and ridiculous things. Create a Tolerating List—a list of things you are tolerating. What do you find annoying, irritating, or bothersome? List it. Maybe you’ll have 50 items, maybe 150. This depends on how tolerant you tend to be. List everything you can think of, then get rid of each item. Knock them off one-by-one.

You might choose to tolerate some big items temporarily or even long term—a job that isn’t a great fit, a spouse that isn’t a great fit, or a house that isn’t a great fit. It will help you, though, to remove some of the less obvious irritants in the meantime.

I like to make a table of several columns.

Things I am tolerating Why What do I do to knock this off?
hair in my eyes don’t have time for appointment make appointment during lunch hour
squeaking door never thought about it find oil and oil hinge

Just the act of writing down that you are tolerating hair that gets in your eyes or a squeaking door might help you to see how ridiculous it is to let that go on. These items have simple fixes. Do it.

Some items won’t be so simple to fix as getting a haircut or oiling a hinge. Problems like weight or debt grow over time, and you will need to solve these problems over time. If you break these up into smaller pieces, you can take a positive step today. List all of the steps you can think of, then just do one thing. Do another tomorrow. These steps will add up quickly. For deeper problems like these, it is important not to hide from the causes or the results. Facing up to the situations will give you the power to deal with them. If you find it difficult to face up, you may want to seek counseling or support.

However you have to do it, list every little bothersome, embarrassing thing. Get up and do five things right now, then come back to your list and give yourself the satisfaction of crossing it off. Then come back tomorrow and make a plan to deal with a larger issue. Every day, knock off at least one item.

When I eliminate obstacles, I feel lighter. I am better able to give shape to my deeper desires. Harness that wild energy by getting rid of what you don’t want.

You also need to keep track of what you do want. What you do want will come next.